embossing seal
embossing seal
embosser stamp
embosser stamp
embosser seal
embosser stamp
embosser seal stamp
embosser seal stamp
seal stamp
embossing seal for paper
Customized Embossing stamp personal logo,Personalized Embosser Seal Letterhead Wedding custom design punch Stamp

Silver Portable Embosser Seal Stamp Embossing Seal Letter Wedding Envelope Document Invitation Card SOHO0079

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The complete seal set includes frame, spring clip insert and caring box.
Pocket embossers are portable and easy to take.
Type:Standard Stamp/ Portable Metal Embossing Stamp
Item Number:SOHO0079
Place of Origin:China
Usage:Office Supplies, Letter Wedding Envelope Document Invitation Card, Book Plate, Book Stamp, Library Stamp, Library Embosser, Book Embosser, Library of Embosser, Book Lover Gifts
Color:Custom Color/Silver or Black
Product Size:L125*W22*H55(mm)
Packaging Case Size:L118*W57*H28(mm)
MOQ:1 Pcs

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